GM01: Geomodel Building

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Geomodel Building Level: Starters Duration: 2 days

Next scheduling:

-  26-27 September 2016, Kuala Lumpur, 800 MYR (solidarity course)

- 28-29 September 2016, Kuala Lumpur, 4000 MYR


About this course:

Geomodelling is the corner stone between geological concepts underlying reservoir development and numerical solutions attempting to represent the reservoir. With the progress made in computing capabilities, highly demanding tasks such as 3D reservoir visualization, property prediction and dynamic simulation became routine and occupy most of the daily duty of the reservoir geologist/engineer.

The GM01 course scans through the conventional Geomodelling workflow to calculate the in place Volumetrics in a reservoir from the input data phase to the final base case Volumes computation.

Under its current format, the GM01 course is tailored for a Petrel Geomodelling platform.

Attendees are encouraged to bring along their workstations and Petrel Licenses if they wish to use their own dataset during the course.


What to expect from the course:

- Get a step by step overview of a basic Volumetrics estimation Geomodelling  workflow

- Gain awareness of best practices and common pitfalls when building Geomodels for Volumetrics estimation purposes

- Ability to build a Geomodel for Volumetrics purpose in Petrel


Who should attend:

-  Development Geoscientists / Geomodellers who will be building or maintaining geomodels as part of their duties.

-  More experienced staffs who wish to acquire / refresh their Geomodelling skills.



Awareness on business context for Geomodelling or attending GM00 would be beneficial

Knowledge of the different type of subsurface data used for building geomodels


Course outline:

Day 1 Morning:  Welcome note , Part 1 : Introduction to Geomodelling, Draw the model on paper philosophy, Input data import and conditioning

Day 1 Afternoon: Part 2: Structural modelling

Day 2 Morning: Summarize Day 1, Part 3: Property modelling

Day 2 Afternoon: Part 4: Base Case Volumetrics, Summary of Days 1-2, Closing note 


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