GM20: Seismically Constrained Geomodelling

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Seismically Constrained Geomodelling Level: Master Duration: 2 days

Next scheduling:

- 5-6 October 2016, Kuala Lumpur, 4000 MYR


About this course:

Seismic Data is most of the time the only 3D data available to build a Geomodel. It is characterized by a wide extent (the 3D element) but a relatively poor resolution compared to well data. The product of a Seismic data Inversion is called Acoustic Impedance. Acoustic Impedance can be correlated with the reservoir properties. It often represents the only reliable source of information away from Well control.

A seismically constrained Geomodel makes full use of the seismic data. Particularly it uses the Acoustic Impedance to “constrain” the reservoir properties in area far from existing wells where the uncertainty in reservoir properties becomes too large and can be problematic to manage.    

The GM20 course goes through the process of building Seismically constrained Geomodels with the emphasize on the underlying theory and the practical aspect.

Under its current format, the GM20 course is tailored for a Petrel Geomodelling platform.

Attendees are encouraged to bring along their workstation and Petrel Licenses if they wish to use their own dataset during the course.

What to expect from the course:

- Theory on Acoustic Impedance and its usage for Geomodelling purpose

- Exposure to a step by step workflow for seismically constrained a Geomodel

- Understand the limitations when Seismically Constraining a Geomodel


Who should attend:

- Development Geoscientists / Geomodellers who are building advanced Geomodels

- Geophysicists who wish to have a deeper understanding on the usage of Acoustic Impedance data for Geomodelling purpose



Solid grounding on the Geomodelling workflow, attending GM10 course would be highly favorable


Course outline:

Day 1 Morning:  Welcome note, Part 1: Introduction, Part 2: Seismic Dataset in Geomodelling

Day 1 Afternoon: Part 3: Characteristics and limitations of Acoustic Impedance data

Day 2 Morning: Summarize Day 1, Part 4: Building a Seismically Constrained Geomodel

Day 2 Afternoon: Part 4: Continuation, Part 5: Beyond the Seismically Constrained Geomodel, Summary of course, Closing note


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